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I didn’t choose the pug life. The pug life chose me.

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My life so far.

I haven’t really gotten to post on here in a while about life. I’ve just been thinking a lot late nights and can’t help it. I think about everything from my jobs, when I should go back to school, my health, friends, family, my relationships.
My jobs are going great. I’m the assigner/lead host during the week at my restaurant job as well as doing administrative work for them on the weekends. Ok. My manager Tamara is now the server/bar manager and is trying to help me get into serving. Great. What I’ve wanted and I am so ready for it. At my other job I am the lead associate/certified trainer for the sales team. I am getting more hours just because the management team wants to make me better only to promote me to supervisor by the time summer rolls around. As you can see nothing really wrong is going on in my work life.
When I think about school I think, “ok Erica you need to go back sooner or later.” I think once the fall semester comes around I would need to start thinking about enrolling in classes again. The hard part about that is that it’s expensive. I have yet another big medical bill I have to pay for because something stupid happened to me, my 21st is coming up, my trip to EDC is soon as well and not to mention I might even be going to Costa Rica around spring time. I just want to do these things and then worry about school. I like to think when I’m ready for it, I will do it and do it well.
As far as my health. I already paid off my surgery that happened last summer. But ANOTHER trip to the hospital? This is why I hate the doctor. It’s all too much money for such bullshit. There goes some chunk of my money.
Relationships with my friends are great. Couldn’t be better.
I wish I could see my family more. My mom might come and visit me on Monday since I surprisingly have that whole day off from both of my jobs. We were thinking we could eat dinner at my job finally. :)
As far as my relationships at the moment, I think that’s the biggest weight I have on my shoulders. I’ve been seeing this guy who is a bartender where I work. It’s been about almost three months since we even started talking. He’s a pretty cool guy. I feel like we get along, but idk. As you know I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to see multiple guys at once…known as “dating”… I’m that relationship kind of girl. I am just not quite sure this time around. I’ve been single for 2 years (yes I know that’s not a long time) but ever since Brenton fucked me up in the head, it’s made me view guys in a different way. In my head guys don’t care and all they want is one thing. Sex. I feel like this guy that I’m seeing will find another pretty looking girl and just leave like all the rest. Which is what I’m pretty used to by now. I don’t want to think that way. Maybe in the long run it could be an even better relationship than me and mike where. I just feel like sometimes I feel like I’m not pretty enough or nice or cool enough to do better than mike. I also think it could be the fact that I already really like Aiden (bartender guy) to where I’m automatically just shutting myself out. Just like when I really started to like Brenton. Fml. I need help, or maybe just a better understanding of what this “friendship” might result too. It could also be the fact that we are very different people….or the fact that I’ve never dated anyone as cute as this guy. (Low key have been freaking out since he asked for my number)
I just think right now I need to keep focusing on myself and everything else should fall into place… I’m hoping. We will see. Me and Aiden are supposed to go to EDC together. My birthday is coming up as well. I’m just going to see how those two events alone will tell me how things look like they can go the test of the year. Other than that every little thing he does just makes me smile and whenever I hang around with him I have a great time.

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Late night Tindering.

I haven’t been on this in forever. I forget how much fun it was.

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when you learn to do something really awesome and try to show your friends


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January 26, 2014

Daft Punk on the Grammys red carpet

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